Depression manifests itself in many different ways, from making it difficult to do everyday things, to negatively impacting a sense of self worth and relationships. Psychotherapy can expand a person’s capacity to understand the powerful forces behind difficult feelings and behaviors. Being able to tolerate a greater range of feelings can lead to a deeper relationship with oneself and to a more fulfilling life.

therapy FOR TRAUMA

The experience of abuse, rejection, persecution, and serious illness negatively impact one’s sense of self, of others and of humanity. Through the careful exploration of feelings and memories, a person can learn to integrate painful experiences while developing compassion and forgiveness. Learning to live with a painful past can allow someone to hope and trust again.

therapy FOR anxiety

To feel occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. In contrast, a person suffering from persistent anxiety is consumed by a sense of helplessness, pain and fear. Such anxiety may be related to past trauma, learned from one's caregivers during formative years, and is often triggered by stress. Psychotherapy provides a strong holding environment where a person can learn new ways to self-regulate, while facing the ongoing challenges of daily living.

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Sandra Amador Mora, MFT, offers psychotherapy to adolescents, adults and couples. Her Berkeley office is easily accessible from Emeryville, Albany, Oakland and San Francisco.