individual therapy

You have powerful reasons to feel the way you do. In a confidential atmosphere, I will support you as you explore how your experiences and emotions may connect to your history. We will find ways to understand how behaviors that once were useful could now be causing you to suffer. Through this process, you will find support to make changes that can move you toward a more rewarding relationship with yourself and with others.

couples therapy / Counseling

I work with all types of couples, in an environment where each person is heard and respected. Through dynamic dialogue we look at the role that unconscious processes have in partner choice and implicit expectations, the influence of cross cultural issues and power differentials, and the unavoidable tension between individual needs and couple needs. We identify patterns in the relationship that create distance, making it hard to feel connected and look at ways for partners to understand each other better, develop effective ways of communicating and find a renewed sense of connection and solidarity.

Clinical Consultation

I provide supervision and consultation to clinicians in both private practice and agency settings, utilizing a psychodynamic and relational approach. I have a special interest in working with clinicians and supervisors of color. I have many years of experience in providing consultation to new supervisors and agency managers, integrating systems and group theory to understand team and agency dynamics. Agency work has the potential to be a rewarding experience. Having the appropriate support can make all the difference!

Learn how to get started

Sandra Amador Mora, MFT, offers psychotherapy to adolescents, adults and couples. Her Berkeley office is easily accessible from Emeryville, Albany, Oakland and San Francisco.

Sliding-scale appointments based on financial need are available.